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The Salisbury East Alternate Learning (SEAL) program was introduced in 2013 to support disengaged students in their learning and transition to their preferred pathway.

In 2014, under the leadership of a newly appointed and motivated coordinator, the program focused on a new direction with a stronger emphasis on student pathways to SACE completion, further education and/or employment.

The SEAL model involves three tiers of student enrolments:

  • Tier 1: SACE Stage 1 enrolment; Monday to Thursday with 10 days work experience per annum
  • Tier 2: SACE Stage 1 enrolment; Monday and Wednesday with Certificate II VET enrolment and 20 days work experience per annum
  • Tier 3: SACE Stage 2 enrolment in mainstream classes; SEAL support classes Monday to Wedneday afternoons with Certificate III enrolment and 20 days work experience per annum

The SEAL program has in excess of 25 students enrolled in the different tiers, which includes mid-year and special circumstance intakes. 

SEAL students are also encouraged to become actively involved in their local community through volunteering activities, fundraising and mentoring and, over the course of the year, SEAL work with more than 20 community partners. Most notably, this has included:

  • Twelve25 to construct pallet gardens for their Fringe events
  • Salisbury Primary School in a mentoring capacity
  • Hutt Street Centre, where students volunteered in the meal kitchen and raised over $350 through fundraising activities

While SEAL is now an alternate pathway for students to achieve SACE at Salisbury East High School, the curriculum focus is on career pathways and developing student resilience and employability skills.

In 2014, SEAL fulfilled this focus by:

  • 100% of our PLP students feeling more prepared to enter the workforce with effective application tools
  • Five students obtaining paid employment throughout the year
  • Involvement in the BEACON High Impact Programs for Work Readiness
  • Three students attending interviews for apprenticeships with industry partners
  • Students involved in 59 Short Courses (completions: 10 Apply First Aid; 8 White Cards; 10 Safe Food Handling; 17 Safety Sense OHSW Training; 14 Child Safe Environment Course)
  • 88% of SEAL students passing all seven Stage 1 subjects they were enrolled in
  • Eight students completing their Certificate II qualifications

SEHS is very proud of this program and that our students signifcantly improve their attendance and engagement in school learning programs when, alternatively, some may not have achieved the same success in a mainstream or Flexible Learning Options (FLO) program. 

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