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The Beacon Foundation

Salisbury East High School is proud to be part of The Beacon Foundation.

Established in 1988 in Tasmania, the foundation has grown to become a national not for profit organisation, operating in all Australian states and territories and working with over 120 schools, supporting 12,000 students.

The Beacon Foundation believes that every young person has the right to hope, a job, financial opportunity and the sense of personal success this provides them.

Beacon focuses on disadvantaged communities and areas of high youth disengagement and unemployment, where the risk and the need are greatest.

They work with schools, businesses and communities to help bring relevance to the curriculum, and inspire young people to think about careers and experience the workplace, long before they leave school. This helps school retention rates and teaches real-life skills, preparing them for the workplace.

Over the past two years, Salisbury East High School has been working with the Beacon Foundation to create authentic, engaging learning opportunities through increased partnerships and more work-related experiences.

We are particularly proud of the work we have achieved through our involvement in this program and the valuable connections we have made with local businesses, industries and the community to highlight careers and contextualise students' learning.

Opportunities include:

  • Collaborative Classrooms (where business representatives co-design and co-deliver lessons sharing links to careers)
  • Mock Interviews and Mentoring programs
  • Work Readiness Workshops (focusing on employability skills and selfmarketing strategies)
  • Industry Visits
  • Work experience

National Award Winners

This year, Salisbury East High School won two prestigious Beacon Foundation awards and we are delighted that all the hard work and successes have been recognised at a national level. The awards were:

  • The 2015 National Beacon School of the Year
  • The Innovation Award for our STEM Wings (Aviation) program

For more information on the awards, which were presented at a national conference in Sydney this April, click here.

To learn more about The Beacon Foundation, click here.

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