32-58 Smith Road
Salisbury East
South Australia 5109


+61 8 8258 2070
+61 8 8250 3733
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Salisbury East High School uses Daymap, a web-based system that is structured on our school timetable and provides intuitive navigation.  

Daymap provides teachers, students and parents with personalised access to a wide range of powerful features.

On the Daymap home page, the Day Plan provides all relevant information with everything needed to get through the school day, being either visible instantly or only a click away. DayMap gives students access to their daily timetable, lesson plans and homework, while teachers can mark their roles, update student records, view attendance data and student reports as well as provide learning resources and notes for all students in their classes.

Daymap Connect also has a Parent Portal, which provides information on a student-by-student basis. This includes timetables, lesson attendance, homework due dates, confirmation of submission of work and assessment results, and messages from teachers. The Parent Portal provides a greatly increased level of parental engagement in student progress. 

First Time Access to the Parent Portal

  • Click on the DayMap Portal button at the top of this webpage
  • Click on 'New User?'
  • Enter the email address (as recorded by Salisbury East High School)
  • Enter the Student Code (provided by Salisbury East High School)
  • Click on the Blue Link ('Click here to log on to Daymap Connect')

If your details are correct then you will receive an email from the DayMap Portal with a temporary password. Use this to log in for the first time.

For instuctions on how to use Daymap Connect you can dowload the quickstart guide here:   Daymap Connect Quickstart Guide

If you are experiencing any problems then contact Salisbury East High School on (08) 8258 2070 or use the online enquiry form by clicking here.

Created on Friday, 14 August 2020 8:52:38 AM