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Elite PE

Salisbury East High School caters for advanced students with an Elite Physical Education Program (EPEP) for Year 9 students, who were considered to be “elite” in their regular PE classes. 

These students are subjected to specialised sporting programs and focused theoretical work. 

EPEP classes continue through to Year 11, with the hope that rigorous work load will better prepare our students for Year 12 Sports Studies.

Health and Physical Education offers a variety of sporting and recreational activities to help improve skills, fitness, and building knowledge towards creating healthy lifestyles.

Our Year 9 Health classes focus on many contemporary issues including: Drug and Alcohol Education, Child Protection, Leadership, Mental Health, and Relationships and Sex Education.

In the senior school students also have the opportunity to engage in Health and Sport-related programs, which includes EPEP. These subjects include:

  • Health: which focuses on contemporary health issues surrounding individuals and the wider community
  • Physical Education: which aims to develop understanding of physical activity through theory and practical lessons
  • Integrated Learning/Sports Studies: which is a portfolio based subject designed for students who have a strong interest in sport without the pressure of an external exam

Studying Health and PE related subjects in the senior school supports entry into tertiary institutions and provides many employment opportunities relating to the sport and health industry, including: Human Movement, Personal Training, Sports Officiating, Teaching, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Health Sciences, Sports Administration and many more.

For further information on our EPEP program, or any other aspects of Health and Physical Education at SEHS, use our contact form or email Corey.Ottey304@schools.sa.edu.au

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