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Zoning and how to enrol

Enrolment at Salisbury East High School is governed by Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) policy, which applies to zoned state schools.

All government high schools in metropolitan Adelaide are zoned, and a student's zoned school is determined according to their permanent and primary place of residence.

A place is reserved for each child at their zoned high school. However, while students are zoned to a particular high school, they are still free to apply for enrolment at any other out of zone high school in the state.

Acceptance of an enrolment in an out of zone high school however, depends on whether the number of enrolments at that school exceeds the number of places available.

All students in Salisbury East High School's zone have the right of enrolment.

Our zone

Students living in the area bounded by the Little Para River, the eastern boundaries of the suburbs of Salisbury Heights and Salisbury East, Wynn Vale Drive, Bridge Road, Melville Road, Eusebio Drive, Main North Road, Frost Road, The Strand over to Arcoona Road, Stanbell Road, Barndioota Road, Saints Road and Main North Road will be enrolled if they apply for Salisbury East. For students that reside north of Wynn Vale Drive, Gulfview Heights, the zoned school is Salisbury East High School. For those that live south of Wynn Vale Drive, the zoned school is Para Hills High School.

Further information on the policy and zone boundaries can be found on the DECD website by clicking here. The zone boundaries are also illustrated in the attachment below. 

SEHS Zoning

Enrolment enquiries

Parents wishing to make an enrolment enquiry should call Salisbury East High School on (08) 8258 2070 or, alternatively, our online form can be filled out by clicking here.

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