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External School Review

A priority for the Department of Education is to improve the educational attainment and wellbeing of South Australia’s children and young people. 

The purpose of an External School Review is to support schools to raise achievement, sustain high performance and to provide quality assurance to build and sustain public confidence in DECD schools. 

The framework underpinning the External School Review identifies the key levers for school improvement and has been shaped and informed by research. 

The overarching review question is “How well does this school improve student achievement, growth, challenge, engagement and equity?” 

This Report of the External School Review outlines aspects of the school’s performance verified through the review process according to the framework. It does not document every aspect of the school’s processes, programs and outcomes. 

The support and cooperation provided by the staff and school community is acknowledged. While, not all review processes, artefacts and comments are documented, they all have been considered and contributed to the development and directions of this Report. 

The External School Review Process includes verification by the Principal that key DECD policies are adhered to and implemented. This information is provided in Appendix One of the report. 

This External School Review was conducted by Liz Schneyder, Review Officer, Review, Improvement and Accountability Directorate and Warren Symonds and Neil White, Review Principals. 


Created on Friday, 14 August 2020 9:37:46 AM