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Gifted Program

At Salisbury East High School we recognize that Gifted Learners have specific learning needs to realise their potential. These students are identified and supported through extension programs, acceleration and enrichment opportunities in and outside the classroom.

We believe that Gifted Learners: 

  • are entitled to rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities that meet their specific learning needs and abilities

  • are best supported in an environment in which their differences are encouraged and fostered through educational pathways

  • are a diverse group with a broad range of giftedness with different levels of intellectual potential that requires different types of educational provision

  • are entitled to personalised learning programs that focus on critical and creative thinking through higher order thinking tasks (HOTS)

Subject and Yearly Acceleration and Identification of Gifted Learners

Students can be gifted in a particular subject (e.g. Multimedia), a particular field (eg STEM) or generally academically gifted. Giftedness can even extend to Leadership,
Entrepreneurialism and Psychomotor abilities.

Through rigorous identification procedures, parents and teachers are invited to identify potentially gifted individuals through nomination forms. This can take place at any time
during a student's high school career. Nomination forms contain an extensive list of attributes or characteristics that typify a broad range gifted ‘types’.

Student nominations are scrutinised to determine the best possible way to extend, enrich and challenge the individual. This may mean subject, multiple subject or yearly
acceleration. In consultation with parents, a student's suitability to acceleration practices consider emotional and social readiness as well as academic needs.

At Salisbury East High School, we have a history of success associated with the acceleration of gifted students. Almost half of accelerated students complete their SACE in fouryears instead of 5.

Students who are highly gifted will have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) which will be carefully monitored and developed in conjunction with the students' teachers and

Provisions for Gifted Learners

Passionate teachers offer a range of subjects, learning and extra-curricular experiences designed to engage the gifted learner. These opportunities, coupled with excellent pedagogy, are designed to support all learners. A sample of these include:

  • STEM subjects and courses including Robotics and Programming

  • Specialist Music

  • Competitions (Computational and Algorithmic Thinking, Australian Mathematics Competition, Big Science Competition, Writing Competitions)

  • Elite PE

  • Youth Workshops through Gifted and Talented Association

  • Headstart Programs through Adelaide University

  • Spirit of Science Scholarship

For more information on the Gifted Program at Salisbury East High School contact us by clicking here.

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