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Governance and Leadership

Salisbury East High School has a vibrant, effective Governing Council that sees parents, members of our community, students and staff working together to improve the quality of learning. The Governing Council forms a very important function, in that it sets the overall direction and policy of the school.

This year interest in our Governing Council has increased with 16 members (including 11 parent representatives, community and staff representatives) elected to the 2015 Governing Council Committee. This committee has a very important function in setting the overall direction and policy of the school, where members discuss and contribute ideas to our future plans.

The SEHS Governing Council meetings are held twice a term on Tuesdays from 6.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m. in the staff room. Members of our school community are welcome to attend meetings and contribute ideas to the future direction and strategic planning of our school.

The council also welcomes feedback and ideas from other parents and invites comments to be forwarded to dl.1011.info@schools.sa.edu.au

Role of Council

  • To involve the school community in the governance of the school by:
    • Providing a focus and a forum for the involvement of parents and the school community
    • Ascertaining the educational needs of the local community and the attitude of the local community to educational developments with the school; and
    • Ensuring that the cultural and social diversity of the community is considered and particular needs are appropriately identified
  • To set the broad direction and vision of the school
  • Strategic planning for the school including:
    • Developing, monitoring and reviewing the objectives and targets of the strategic plan; and
    • Considering, approving and monitoring human resource and asset management plans
  • Determine policies for the school including policies for the safety, welfare and discipline of students
  • Determine the application of the total financial resources available to the school including the regular review of the budget
  • Monitor and review the Services Agreement
  • Report to the school community and the Minister on:
    • The strategic plan
    • The finances of the school
    • Operational plans and the Council’s operations

2016 AGM

The 2016 SEHS Governing Council AGM will be held at:

7 p.m. on Tuesday, 16th February, 2016 in the SEHS Conference Centre

All members of our school community are invited to attend this important meeting and consider making a commitment to the 2016 Governing Council to support our school community and strengthening partnerships in schooling. We look forward to welcoming new members to the 2016 Governing Council.

Contacting your Governing Council

If you have any requests for information about the SEHS Governing Council or wish to raise a concern, please contact the school or the Chairperson, David Harris, by phoning the school on 8278 2070 or email dl.1011.info@schools.sa.edu.au or or send an enquiry via the contact form by clicking here.


The Salisbury East High School Governing Council comprises 23 councillors including:

  • Principal of the school (ex officio);
  • 16 elected parents of the school;
  • Three staff of the school (nominated by the staff of the school);
  • Two students of the school (nominated by the students of the school);
  • One person nominated by the local council

 2015 SEHS Governing Council Members

Jacqui van Ruiten


David Harris


Bernie Davis

Parent Member

Barbara Martin

Parent Member

Nyirenda Seraphin

Parent Member

Kate O’Moore

Parent Member

Kathy Guerin

Parent Member

Todorka Grammatopoulos

Parent Member

Kerrie Wulczynski

Parent Member

Lynn Davis

Parent Member

Elizabeth Reich                              

Parent Member

Craig Dixey

Parent Member

Joe Caruso

City of Salisbury Councillor

Roslyn Warren

Business Manager, SEHS

Chrissy Frahn

Staff Member

John Knight

Staff Member

Student Representative

Support Documents

The following support documents are available to download by clicking on each link:

 Role of Governing Council

 Governing Council Code of Practice

Governing Council Constitution

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