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Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes are offered to our students at SEHS as an extra-curricular extension to the school's thriving dance program.

Students from Years 8 to 12 can get involved in the popular weekly classes, which are led by expert Hip Hop teacher Jess Sage, whether they study dance or not.

Hip Hop differs from other forms of dance in that it is often 'freestyle' (improvisational) in nature and the classes provide an opportunity to learn, choreograph and develop 'street' dance styles and routines.

Our students practise their moves in the new dance studio and regularly perform their routines at whole-school assemblies and other events.

To find out more about the Hip Hop program at SEHS, send an email to Jess Sage by clicking here.

Created on Monday, 20 July 2015 7:46:55 AM