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Mobile Device Policy

At Salisbury East High School, we believe that students have the right to access their personal possessions. Therefore, we allow students to carry mobile phones with them during the day. 

However, for every right there is a responsibility. For students to exercise their right to have their mobile phones with them, we expect that certain responsibilities be observed. These responsibilities are detailed within this policy. 

Note: Throughout this policy the term ‘mobile phone’ applies to all electronic communication devices, including MP3 players, ipods, gaming devices and those yet to be developed. 

Responsibilities of students

  1. Mobile phones must be turned off during all lesson times, assemblies and other school functions. This means that students are not allowed to make or receive any phone calls or text messages during lesson times
  2. Access to social networking sites is strictly prohibited during school hours
  3. Students who are sick must report to the Front Office. The SSO will administer first aid and/or contact parents. In order to fulfil our duty of care and to ensure that students get appropriate treatment until a parent arrives, it is essential that all contact of this nature be adult-to-adult
  4. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. This includes electronic harassment, such as sending harassing text messages and posting comments on social networking sites
  5. Photos and/or videos are not to be taken of other students or staff members without their permission
  6. Students who choose to bring mobile phones to school must accept sole responsibility for their care. As with any other personal items, the school cannot take any responsibility for phones that are lost, damaged or stolen 

Responsibilities of parents

  1. Please do not phone or send text messages to your son/daughter during the times that they are in lessons
  2. If your son/daughter phones you because they are unwell, please direct them to report to the Front Office. You may then like to phone our receptionist to let them know that your son/daughter has phoned you and to make enquiries about whether he/she needs to be picked up from school
  3. If your son/daughter phones you during the day because they are experiencing some other problem at school, please direct them to talk to their Year Level Manager or the Student Counsellor. A follow up phone call from you to one of these people would also be very helpful, so that we can assist your child in resolving their difficulty
  4. Please do not give your son/daughter permission, via their mobile phone, to leave school. The school has duty of care and must be able to account for all students at all times. For your child’s safety, please always communicate through one of our helpful Front Office staff members
  5. Please ensure your own mobile phones are turned off during meetings, interviews and formal school functions

Responsibilities of teachers

  1. Teachers have the responsibility to ensure a safe and productive classroom environment, free from the interference and distraction created by mobile phones and other electronic devices. 
  2. Teachers will actively monitor and discourage student use of mobile phones during lessons. 
  3. Teachers will decide the appropriate use of mobile phones and other electronic devices in class such as MP3 players and calculators 
  4. Teachers will issue consequences to students who use mobile phones in an inappropriate manner. 
  5. Teachers will have their phones turned off during assemblies, meetings, interviews and formal school functions. 
  6. Teachers working in isolated areas of the school or in areas without access to landline telephones will be encouraged to have their mobile phones with them. 

Consequences for inappropriate use of mobile devices

Students may have their mobile phone confiscated by their classroom teacher for the remainder of the lesson and/or day if they: 

  • make or receive phone calls 
  • send or receive text messages 
  • access social networking sites 
  • take photos or make vocal/video recordings of other students or staff without permission 
  1. Students who persistently refuse to observe their responsibilities with regards to appropriate mobile phone use will have their rights of access to their mobile phone denied for an extended period of time. This may mean that their mobile phone is confiscated for more than just one day. In this instance, parents will be contacted by the Year Level Manager
  2. Students who harass others will be required to participate in a restorative meeting in order to make amends. Consequences for continued and/or severe instances of harassment will result in suspension from school
  3. Students who photograph/video record instances of violence and/or harassment will have their phones confiscated and handed over to the police
Created on Thursday, 9 July 2015 5:55:12 PM