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Record SACE results for SEHS!

Salisbury East High School set a new all-time high when the 2015 SACE results were announced on December 15th.

The wonderful individual achievements of our students reflect their hard work, energy and commitment and they are to be congratulated for their outstanding outcomes.

Since the data was released on Tuesday morning, SEHS is proud to announce that 94% of the Year 12 cohort achieved their SACE, which is our best-ever result!

We would also like to especially acknowledge Angel Duran who achieved our highest ATAR score with an impressive 99.0, along with Kenneth Jacks (98.25), Karishma Lal (92.1) and Casey Mead (91.95). 

Once again, Aaron Lloyd achieved another Merit Certificate for his excellent work in Performance Special Study (in Music).

Overall, 23% of our students achieved outstanding results and this is testimony to the fantastic opportunities and diverse learning programs available to our students, and the commitment of our teachers.

Congratulations to Salisbury East High School's Class of 2015! 

Created on Tuesday, 15 December 2015 2:19:52 PM