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Ritsumeikan Study Tour from Japan

What an amazing visit Salisbury East High School experienced with staff and students from Ritsumeikan Junior High School, Japan.

We were privileged to host 13 students and their teacher, who experienced an incredible and memorable time being part of our school community. It was a huge success and one that we are extremely proud of. 

Between November 18th and December 1st, the visiting students participated in a program that allowed them to gain proficient English skills through many classes including English, Art, Home Economics, Technology, Aboriginal Cultural Studies and PE.

They learnt about Australian culture, families and animals through English; designed a dot painting on Boomerangs in Art; made ANZAC biscuits in Home Economics; learnt Aboriginal dancing; made a die in technology and learnt about Australian sport. 

The Japanese were taken on a field trip and experienced the sights of Adelaide including Botanical Gardens, Rundle Mall and China Town. The students also had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with a koala at Cleland Wildlife Park, patting many of the other native animals and the experience of canoeing at West Lakes Shore. 

Japanese and Australian culture became strongly entwined when our own students became buddies to our friends. Throughout the year, our students who have undertaken our newly introduced Japanese language subject, were able to proudly show off their newly learnt Japanese, which was accepted in high regard. Students were able to celebrate their newly formed friendship when they visited 'Bounce' and had an amazing time. 

For the first time, our farewell ceremony was successfully celebrated during the evening where we were privileged to be entertained by our own concert band. Following our traditional BBQ, the Japanese students shared with us dance and games, and a very tearful farewell, when they presented to their homestay families and buddies letters of sincere gratitude. 

Much appreciation goes to our staff for taking the time in teaching our international students the Australian way of learning - it is something that will remain with them. 

Many friendships have been made with long lasting memories, and we look forward to the return of many more students from Ritsumeikan Junior High School in 2016. 

Created on Sunday, 20 December 2015 10:44:18 AM