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SEHS help primary school students affected by bush fires

SEHS helped young students through the healing process after visiting primary schools in the Mid North towns affected by the recent bush fires.

On Tuesday, December 8th, art teacher Marcia Crafter joined the Concert Band's tour to promote 'expression through art'.

"At each venue students were given the opportunity to 'Paint to Music'", explained Mrs Crafter. "An easel and canvas was set up and students were invited to paint as the music flowed around them.

"They were told they could paint anything that they felt and the final work was a collaborative piece involving many students."

Every single child participated at some of the schools and the completed painting was then presented to the captains of each school as a reminder of a happy day enjoyed by many.

Mrs Crafter added: "Teachers and students alike told me this is the happiest day they had had in a long time. I hope each time they view the paintings they will be reminded of great music and free expression using colour."

Created on Thursday, 10 December 2015 5:04:33 PM