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SEHS teacher looks back on Korean exchange program

A Salisbury East High School teacher has been reflecting on her teacher exchange program to Korea.

Arts Coordinator Chrissy Frahn embarked on the Teaching Abroad for Global Competency initiative in February and hosted Ms Lee Kye Sun from Sougho Middle School and Mr Kim Jeong Seok from Yangsan High School.

They visited SEHS for one week and were able to teach, observe and collaborate with staff and students at our school, as well as get a taste of South Australian culture.

The reciprocal agreement was then returned when Ms Frahn visited their home towns and schools in South Korea during the July school holidays.

"This was a wonderful experience and I was very grateful to be given this opportunity and to share my culture and also gain an understanding of the day to day life in the Korean education system," explained Ms Frahn.

"It was an amazing experience to teach and learn in Yangsan High School and Soungho Middle School, and the first time in some of the classes that the students had experienced and come into contact with a foreign teacher.

"I also taught an art lesson where the students created an aerial dot painting and artworks of their area (Yangsan District) in the style of the Papanya Aboriginal Artists of Central Australia so they were able to relate the new information to aerial views that they were familiar with. Their artworks have since been exhibited in a yearly exhibition in the foyer of their school.  

"I will be repeating this task in visual art classes at SEHS to further highlight and reinforce the meaning of internationalism and what it means to be a 'global citizen'.

"It was a highly educational teaching experience in South Korea and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to pursue the ‘Global Competency’ and teaching Abroad."



Created on Tuesday, 15 December 2015 5:10:53 PM