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Year 11 home group strike it lucky!

A Year 11 home group was bowled over after claiming an award for three terms in-a-row.

Salisbury East High School rewards the class with the best attendance each term, and 1102 managed to win the accolade on every occasion this year.

As a result, Miss Towstyi's home group (pictured here) struck it lucky as they were treated to a day out at the local 10-pin bowling lanes.

"Every term our school awards $100 to the home group with the best attendance," explained Miss Towstyi.

"1102 has done exceptionally well this year and has won the Best Attendance Award for Terms 1, 2 and 3. As a result, we were rewarded for our excellent attendance with this excursion and, after our games, we even had enough left over for pizza!"

The students all had an amazing time but Miss Towstyi - a former league player - was not simply a bystander. She also got in on the act and ended up as the dominant bowler, with scores of 153 and 150!

Created on Monday, 2 November 2015 6:12:55 PM