32-58 Smith Road
Salisbury East
South Australia 5109


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Curriculum Overview

At Salisbury East High School, each student has the chance to succeed in a broad range of academic and vocational subjects.

We offer an educational program that is varied and challenging, where students are able to pursue their personal interests and strengths and are encouraged to achieve their personal best.

Through the integration of technologies in all subjects we are able to provide a creative, engaging and connected environment that supports ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning.

Our students use their laptops to enhance their learning and are able to access all school software, e-texts and Moodle sites from school and home.

Teachers guide students to develop their problem-solving and higher order thinking skills through inquiry and project based learning to become confident, independent learners.

Our innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Program engages students in creative, cross-curricular experiences (including Scaletrix, robotics, programming, engineering and sustainable energies).

Many of our graduates achieve outstanding results in senior Maths and Science subjects and successfully pursue engineering related pathways.

The school also has a vibrant Creative Arts Program and offers Visual Art, Music, Multimedia, Dance and Photography in a brand new, well-equipped facility. Our Music program offers specialisation for musicians with concert bands, ensembles, choirs and rock bands, and regular performances for the community.

In the middle school students undertake a general program of study and experience a wide variety of subjects within the Australian Curriculum framework. Interested students may apply to participate in our unique STEM class, Specialist Music Program and/or Elite Sport program.

In the senior school students engage in specialised subjects catering for a range of preferred futures. The broad curriculum has a strong academic and vocational focus providing pathways to University, TAFE and Vocational Education and Training.

The majority of our graduates achieve their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) with over 30% gaining outstanding results.

Special Programs

At Salisbury East High School we recognise that learning takes place in many ways and encourage our students to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Camps, leadership forums, aerobic and dance clubs, music performances, community service, quiz and tournament participation all provide opportunities for students to develop valuable skills and contribute positively to the school and wider community.

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