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Students have their cake ... and eat it too!

Year 12 Food and Hospitality students put the icing on the cake of their SACE Stage 2 course this week.

For the final assessment task of the year, the class completed the 'Cakes for Special Occasions' project.

Fellow chefs Stephanie Blencowe and Shenae Camilleri were responsible for producing an amazing toffee-topped, two-tier creation that wouldn't look out of place in any restaurant.

"We worked in pairs to create a cake of our choice and focussed on design features, elements and decorating techniques," explained Shenae.

"The cakes were to be made from scratch and be suitable for a special occasion such as a children’s birthday, an adult birthday or even a Christmas party.

"Each group presented outstanding cakes and we are all very proud of our efforts and achievements. Big thanks go to our teacher, Miss Towstyi, for all of her help this year.”

Miss Towstyi added: “I am so proud of the students’ effort and the extra time they put in to make sure they were successful in this task.

“As a result, the cakes they made were amazing and their final practical was a great way to end the year."

The students and teachers then got the opportunity to sample the delights on show, including Year 12 Coordinator Mr Peck.

"I don't have a sweet tooth and usually avoid eating cake," he said. "But when a huge slice was put in front of me, I just couldn't resist - it was gone in no time!

"The class have demonstrated how far they have come over the past year with the amazing skills they have learned and developed. Miss Towstyi deserves a lot of credit for that and her budding cooks should be rightfully proud of their incredible achievements." 

Just some of the beautiful creations are pictured here.

Created on Thursday, 24 September 2015 11:11:38 PM