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Student Leadership

Salisbury East High School students engage in a wide range of leadership opportunities that connect them with local, national and international communities.

The school’s commitment to facilitating a genuine and effective ‘student voice’ and service orientation was evident in 2014 with the resourcing of a teacher position to lead the program, provide training for students and create various leadership roles.

Leadership Roles

  • Student Voice (8-12)
  • Community Monitors (Year 8)
  • Beacon Ambassadors (Year 10)
  • Music Band Leaders (Year 12)
  • International Student Buddies (Years 8-12)
  • Peer Leaders (Year 11)
  • Year 12 Captains

These positions are supported through student training and teacher mentors, and develop students' organization, sense of social responsibility and communication skills.

Our student leaders are active in school decision making processes, which includes participation in Governing Council and staff meetings, analysis and presentation of student survey results, the development of the Teaching and Learning Policy, and through the organisation of fund-raising events.

These students also play a key role in various assemblies, including Anzac Day, Harmony Day, Reconciliation and Graduation. 

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