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International Travel

Salisbury East High School provides students and teachers with unique opportunities to engage with young people and professionals from other cultural backgrounds in ways that recognise difference and create international friendships.

Our students and teachers are given regular opportunities to travel internationally and represent our school.

In 2015, two students joined the NASSSA Western Front Study tour group to commemorate 100 years since the beginning of World War One, while others visited our sister-school, Huangdao No 1 Middle School, in China to improve their Chinese language proficiency and develop a better understanding of the rich, beautiful Chinese culture and lifestyle.

In addition, four teachers were invited to join DECD representatives to provide training and development in Thai High Performing schools, promote the SA education system and further develop our Thai partnership, and another teacher visited two schools in South Korea.

These, and other, trips have already generated future business ventures and strengthened our sister-school relationshipships.

SEHS is proud of our international focus and our language programs, and we value the opportunity to expose our community to international experiences to increase their intercultural understanding.

Student involvement in the celebration of cultural events, increased student participation in the international study tour programs and continued business opportunities are evidence of our success.

While our school continues to be outward looking, we recognise the need to authentically embed interculturalism and formalize global connections in the formal curriculum to improve student understanding and empathy of global perspectives.

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Internationalism at SEHS: click here

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