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Wave Learning Support

The Wave Room is run by staff at Salisbury East High School to differentiate the curriculum for students with disabilities and learning difficulties.

It is one of the ways of giving students attention and improving their schooling outcomes.

In the first few lessons a number of assessment tasks including times tables, simple addition and subtraction and literacy skills are reviewed.

Thirty male and female students from Year 8 through to Year 10 are able to attend the Wave Room on a weekly schedule.  Year 8 students attend twice a week and Year 9s and 10s once.

Subject grades are monitored over the school year and teachers are liaised with to ensure progress is being made and the Wave Room allocation is during an appropriate time.

Progress letters are written home each term from the Wave Room teacher, informing of the student’s progress, challenges they’ve faced and their strengths. Parents are invited to have further discussions at parent/teacher interviews or at pre-arranged meeting times.

Students with Negotiated Education Plans (NEPs) and learning difficulties are given priority to this facility. It is with the support of parents and teachers;

Students (with the support of parents and teachers) who would best benefit from this initiative are allocated lessons to attend.

The Wave Room has flexibility and if a student is required for a test or practical mainstream lesson that will take preference.

Some students access the room when they are unable to cope with their anger and frustration. The Wave Room is a 'cool down' area for students and is especially helpful for those on the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Programs offered in the Wave Room

  • Mindfulness (Meditation)
  • Goal setting and a review
  • The Incredible 5 Point Scale
  • Organisational skills
  • Read and Write Gold
  • Numeracy and literacy games
  • Positive mindset
  • PERMA +

Extended programs

  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Getting a part-time job
  • Transport training
  • Preparing students for their driver’s licence

Mindfulness and meditation enables students to focus on the present moment rather than dwell on the unchageable past or the undertermined future. Students show greater ability to focus on their emotions, thoughts and sensations occuring in the present moment.

Goal setting and review is a weekly ritual where students are to use the SMARTR process to set a goal for the week. It is then reviewed at the next week’s lesson.

The Incredible 5 Point Scale is an integral part of the Wave Room. It is an ongoing program which helps students monitor their wellbeing and rate themselves on a scale from 1 to 5 each lesson. It is designed for assisting students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in understanding social interactions and controlling their emotional responses.

Organisational skills are imperative at high school and can be more demanding than primary school. In the Wave Room there is a focus on diary, computer, book and locker organisation early in the year.

Read and Write Gold is software on computers available to all students. This program includes a spell checker, word prediction, dictionary, 'sounds like' button, screenshot reader, speech maker and translator. It is a useful tool for students who have difficulty with spelling and proof reading their work.

Numeracy and literacy games are used to help develop basic skills. The idea of these games are to make addition, subtraction and small multiplications automatic.

Positive mindset helps to promote positive relationships with teachers, parents and in work. PERMA+ (Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishments, Physical Activities, Nutrition and Sleep) is used as a means of developing these ideas. The Wave Room embraces the principles of positive education through implementing meditation, character strength development and growth mindset strategies.

To help with the transition into the workforce, time is spent reviewing resume and cover letter writing, along with filling out part-time job applications.

Students are also taken in small groups for transport training where they must purchase a metro card and use it on both buses and trains to popular locations. 

A priority for most Year 10 students is to obtain their driver's licence. Discussions of the road rules are followed by students accessing the RAA website for practice questions and tests. 

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