What is BYOD?

Salisbury East High School is a Bring Your Own Device School. This means that students families purchase a laptop for the student at the beginning of high school, and the student remains responsible for this laptop throughout high school.

Students need a laptop for every lesson and need to ensure that it is charged overnight and ready for lessons. Students are encouraged to bring their laptop charger to school with them.

Families experiencing financial hardship may be eligible to access our social justice program to support students to have the right learning materials for high school.

What software will students use?

Salisbury East has a range of software that we can support students to access for free through the Home Access Portal, these include:

    • Microsoft Office
    • Daymap
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Google Education Suite

Which laptop do I buy?

Laptops are expensive, and we understand that families want to make the right choice so the laptop will work for years to come. Salisbury East High School recommends investing in a good quality laptop as cheaper ‘netbooks’ have very short life spans. We strongly recommend a Windows operating system.

To ensure that your student’s laptop is the most effective, we recommend a laptop with the following specifications:

    • 6-8 hour battery life
    • 13-15 inch screen
    • 16GB of memory
    • 128GB storage
    • Intel i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 for average processing speeds, consider i5 or Ryzen 7 for more processing power
    • Windows 11

How do we set up the laptop?

We recommend you log into the laptop for the first time when you are at home. Teachers in the first lessons will support students to set up passwords, log into emails and download any needed software.