The Finance Officer is available to discuss individual requirements by phoning the school on 8258 2070 (option 2) to arrange an appointment.

MATERIAL & SERVICES CHARGES                                                           

    • The due date for payment of the 2023 Material & Services Charges is Week 11, Term 1 2022 (Friday 14th April 2023).
    • To avoid your debt being sent to the Department debt collection an “Agreement to Pay by Instalments” is required. This application form is available from the Finance Officer and the school website. Instalments must be completed by 3.30pm Week 9, Term 4 (Friday 15th December 2023).
    • The “Agreement to Pay by Instalment” application form is available from the Finance Officer and below.
    • Agreement to pay in instalments


    • Online Payment via BPoint- see note below.
    • Direct Debit Instalments from your bank account – see note below.
    • Centrepay – see note below.
    • Payment via bank transfer to:

    ACCOUNT NAME: Salisbury East High School Inc – Consolidated

    BSB: 065-122     ACCOUNT: 11105055

    REFERENCE: please use your family code found on your invoice or statement (Eg ABCD00)

    Email remittance to

    • Payment by Visa and MasterCard credit cards online, phoning or attending the Front Office or by sending the remittance advice on the invoice to the school.
    • Cash, Visa and MasterCard credit cards, EFTPOS and cheque at the Front Office.


  • Please note only Visa and MasterCard credit cards can be used. Payments can be made in full or by instalments using this facility.
  • The BPoint online payment system is accessed via the school’s website: The link can be found at the bottom of our home page.
  • You will require:-
  • Family ID (Found on your invoice eg. ABCD00)
  • Family name
  • Invoice Number or Description
  • Amount


  • A Direct Debit Request and Agreement with the school authorises the school to deduct an agreed amount each week, fortnight or month from your nominated bank account until the full debt is paid.
  • Direct Debit Request Form


  • Payments can be automatically debited from a Centrelink payment.
  • To arrange this via the school, you will need to make an appointment with the Finance Officer who will complete an online application.
  • Alternatively, you can arrange this via Centrelink yourself.


The Finance Officer is available to discuss individual requirements by phoning the school on 8258 2070 (option 2) to arrange an appointment.


  • School Card is available to:-
    • Families with children aged four years and over who attend school full-time.
    • Independent full time Years 10, 11 or 12 at a government school.
    • Adult re-entry students undertaking Department for Education Funded subjects at a government school.


The table below lists the income limits for applications lodged in 2023 – based on the family’s gross income in 2021/2022.To qualify for School Card, your family’s gross income must be below a certain limit. This limit depends on how many dependent children you have and whether your child attends a government, independent, or Catholic school.

You will need to provide proof of income – such as payslips or Centrelink information.

Eligibility income limits for a student attending a Government School are as follows-
Number of dependent children Gross annual income limit Gross weekly income limit
1 child $66,412 $1,277
2 children $67,598 $1,300
3 children $68,784 $1,323
4 children $69,970 $1,346
5 children $71,156 $1,369
More than five children Add $1,186 for each dependent child Add $23 for each dependent child

School Card A

This is the most commonly used school card application. Use this form if you are liable for your child’s school fees and you’re not:

  • self-employed
  • an independent youth
  • an adult re-entry student
  • a migrant who arrived in Australia after 1 July 2021
  • receiving Veteran’s Affairs benefits
  • applying for a foster child in your care.

School Card B (hardship, change of circumstances or self-employed)

For use where:

  • your income for 2021/22 is over the School Card limits but you experienced hardship in the 2021/2022 financial year
  • you have had a change of financial circumstances during the 2021/2022 financial year up to and including 28 February 2023
  • you are self-employed.

School Card M (migrants or new arrivals)

Use if you have arrived in Australia or have been released from a detention centre since 1 July 2021.

School Card F (informal and formal care agreement)

For use where one or more students:

  • are under an informal care agreement (informal foster arrangement) or
  • have come into your care through a court order (formal foster arrangement) as at 28 February 2023 or
  • where the child or children are being cared for by a grandparent(s) or other family members and caregivers as at 28 February 2023.

School Card Y (independent student)

Use this if you’re a student who receives Independent Youth Allowance as at 28 February 2022.

School Card R (reassessment)

Use if you have submitted an application but were assessed as not eligible and you want to be reassessed.

School Card V (veteran’s affairs)

Use if you receive of Veteran’s Affairs benefits.


School card applications are available online at:  SA.GOV.AU – School Card scheme (

(Downloadable .pdf form is also available from this address.)

If you would like a paper version, please contact the school.

For more information please see flyer below.