Your child should be sent to school every day, unless:

    • They are too sick to attend
    • They have an infectious disease like chicken pox, mumps or measles
    • They have an injury that prevents movement around the school
    • The school is provided with an acceptable reason preventing the child’s attendance

Where possible, dental and medical appointments should be made out of school hours.

If a child is going to be away from school for an extended period of a week or more (i.e. family holiday, employment etc.) the parent/caregiver must apply to the school for an exemption. This should be done before the period of absence commences.

The principal can approve an exemption for periods less than one month. The appropriate forms are available from the school.

What are my responsibilities as a parent/caregiver?

    • Students must arrive at school for 8.35 a.m. and not leave until 3.05 p.m. (2.15 p.m. on a Thursday)
    • Students must attend school every day when instruction is offered unless the school receives a valid reason for being absent
    • Parents/caregivers must contact the school as soon as possible with an appropriate explanation for a student’s non-attendance followed up with a note in the school diary signed by parent/caregiver or a medical certificate
    • When a student is late for school, parents/caregivers must provide the school with an appropriate explanation: a letter, telephone call from a parent/ caregiver or a medical certificate
    • If a student arrives after 10 a.m. they will be marked as being away for half a day. Parents/caregivers must again provide the school with an appropriate explanation

Parents can also monitor their child’s attendance at school by using the DayMap Parent Portal.