In Years 8, 9 and 10 teaching staff will assist students to develop effective skills to be able to organize their time to do homework. They will set homework for students and show students how to set their own homework.

The latter is an important learning for students as they must become more independent for their SACE studies.

SACE students will be expected to set their own homework so that assignments are completed on time, skills and knowledge are consolidated and tests are studied for.

Teachers must be able to TRUST that students will do homework so that the academic program can be completed and so that each student reaches his or her true potential.

Teachers must be able to TRUST that parents will supervise homework, ensure that their child sets aside the time and that the child has an appropriate place to do homework.

Parents must be able to TRUST that teachers are setting appropriate homework.

Students must be able to TRUST that the homework set is worth the effort.

Responsibilities of teaching staff

    • Design appropriate learning activities that students can do at home to consolidate class learning
    • Where appropriate, provide parents with a list of activities that can be done in homework time
    • Ensure that homework activities are entered into the diary
    • Check and respond to homework regularly
    • Let parents/caregivers know if homework is not being completed
    • Comment on homework in the term reports
    • Teach students study skills to help them set their own homework and become more independent in preparation for the SACE
    • Assist students to organise their time

Responsibilities of students

    • Set aside a time each day where homework can be done
    • Enter homework set by the teacher or self into the diary
    • Complete set homework to an adequate standard
    • Learn to set his or her own homework
    • Stop trying to kid parents that they have “done it all in class”

Responsibilities of parents/caregivers

    • Ensure that each child sets aside some time each day to do homework
    • Let the care group teacher know when homework will be done each day
    • Supervise homework and assist where possible
    • Provide an appropriate place where children can do homework
    • Check that homework is entered into child’s diary
    • Let the teacher know if homework is not being put in the child’s diary
    • Let the roll class teacher know if the child persistently claims they don’t have homework
    • Contact the school if there are any issues regarding homework


In years 8 and 9, students will be expected to complete at least one and a half hours of homework each week day, or 7.5 hours over one week.

In Year 10 students are expected to complete at least two hours of homework per day or at least 10 hours per week.

Where appropriate, Area of Study teams will generate lists of activities that will consolidate class learning over the year levels and across the relevant topics. The lists can be used to extend students and support parents in their encouragement and supervision of homework.

In the SACE (years 11 and 12), students are expected to complete 15 – 20 hours homework during one week depending on their course. This is equivalent to about to two to three hours per day.

The Advisory Team teachers will generate and explicitly teach a list of study and organisational skills that will help SACE students to consolidate class learning, complete assignments and study for tests.

Homework Club

At Salisbury East High School, we provide opportunities for students to complete homework immediately after the usual school day ends. From 3.05 to 4.30 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday, students can attend the library for supervised homework sessions. For more information, click here.

Year 11 and 12 students are also able to access the library for private study on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, as well as during their non-contact study lines throughout the week.