Do you provide book packs?

No. Salisbury East High School does not provide a stationery pack to each student. Some of the essential items students will need include:

    • 4 Lined books (English, HASS, Science, Elective Subjects)
    • 1 Graph Book (Maths)
    • A display folder.
    • Pens, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener
    • Glue Stick
    • Scissors
    • Scientific Calculator (optional) – Can be purchased via Abacus – Calculator Ordering

For more information see below.


Where are the best drop off and pick up points?

Main drop off points for students are on Smith Road or Gloucester Avenue. Smith Road has a dedicated pick up and drop off zone off the main road.

What buses can students catch?

Adelaide Metro run several buses which stop on both Smith Road and Gloucester Avenue. More information is available from the Adelaide Metro website using the ‘Journey Planner’.

Suggested bus routes include:

    • 476 – Salisbury East High School to Elizabeth Station
    • 502 – Salisbury Interchange to City
    • 500 – Elizabeth Interchange to City

Can my student ride a bike to school?

Bike storage for students can be found next to wing one. This is opened at 8am and locked at 8.40am. It is then opened before the end of the day for students to access bikes and scooters to ride home. This is a secure location and is overlooked by the front office for additional safety.